This is my story

I was 24 years old, in school to be a registered nurse, completely falling apart.  

I was also a certified personal trainer who followed all the right advice. 


I slept 8 hours a night. Never pulled an all nighter. Early to bed, early to rise. Worked out 5 days a week. HIIT. Yoga.

Meditated. Ate clean. Took a bunch of supplements.

And I felt absolutely terrible.

And I felt absolutely terrible.

I had gone from being straight-A student to having brain fog  so awful I could hardly keep my eyes open in class, let alone focus. I was barely making the grades.


I felt drugged after lunch. My stomach hurt all the time. I was bloated. Doctors told me that I had IBS, and that I needed medical and pharmaceutical intervention. It was a total blow to my psyche.


All the while, I couldn’t help but wonder, why?


Why was this happening all of a sudden? Why did I feel so horrible at such a young age—especially when I was doing things right ?


And why weren’t my doctors asking WHY

Fortunately for me, I am as stubborn as they come.


I refused to accept this fate. I researched relentlessly until I found the answers. At that time it was in a book written by a Functional Medicine doctor. I read it cover to cover in less than a weekend. I was HOOKED


I had never heard of Functional Medicine, and ten years later, most people haven’t. But it absolutely saved me


Not only did it bring me back— I was better than ever. I graduated one of the top of my class. My focus was back. I had energy. I was on top of my game. And I now had an amazing resource at my disposal. 


Not only did it bring me back-

I was better than ever.

Functional Medicine saved me again, almost a decade later, when I kept losing pregnancies. I had a "full work-up" done and the best conventional medicine could do was diagnose “unexplained infertility” and offer me invasive medical and pharmaceutical intervention. Breast cancer runs in my family, and the thought of injecting myself full of synthetic hormones really scared me


This time I did not go at it alone and found a practitioner that listened. She tested me and knew exactly what was going on in my body. She made a game plan

specific for me.


Fast forward to today— I’m the mom of a super healthy little girl, the product of a very healthy, spontaneous pregnancy.

It is now my mission to help my clients thrive by ridding them of their debilitating symptoms for good so they perform their best.

It is now my mission to help my clients thrive.

Lauren Adler is a Registered Nurse in the state of Hawai'i, currently finishing her Family Nurse Practitioner degree. She has been trained in Functional Medicine through private mentorship with a renowned practitioner. She uses her own experience, determination, and extensive training in both conventional and functional medicine to provide private consultation to clients using a six-month program called the Whole Body Blueprint that addresses both the internal and external environments unique to the individual client.

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